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DJ Borgore

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Asaf Borger grew up surrounded by music, learning to play the piano at only 3 years old. When Borger found EDM music DJ Borgore was born. Whether it is talking to an accomplished musician, or someone just getting started in the industry, Borgore is always looking to learn and expand his musical knowledge base and talents.


Music is like therapy for Borgore, producing tracks that reflect his life experiences. Finding inspiration from the smallest to largest of places, Borgore’s mind and soul are open to endless possibilities.


Working with popular artists such as Miley Cyrus and Waka Flocka, Borgore also embraces any opportunity to work with those who bring a different element of music to the table. FACES had the fortunate opportunity to chat with DJ Borgore before he hits Escapade on June 26th to talk about his career and musical process.


Tell us what it’s been like touring the United States for the last 8 years.

It’s been pretty hectic, but it is everything I dreamed about – I am living my dream.


Many people know you as an EDM artist, but you also have experience playing the drums, piano etc. in a band. What tuned you into EDM?

My main instrument was actually the saxophone; I played the tenor and soprano. I love the fact that EDM has an amazing energy when you listen to it, which is kind of hard to achieve in any other genre. I also like that I have full control of the music, there are no other band members, so whatever I want to do music-wise is my own decision and I don’t have anyone to tell me that it won’t be good, or not to try something. With EDM you are also able to make the music sound like hip-hop or reggae, or any other genre, which keeps it very open.

2 years ago, you were talking about expanding your sound and label from hardcore dubstep to other sounds. Do you feel you’ve accomplished this?

Definitely. I’m open to so many other sounds from house and honestly I just want to keep expanding further and further. You always need to find new sounds in music to grow.


You have stated in previous interviews that you change up what you play according to the venue. How do you feel you will cater to the scene at Escapade?

Well from my experience with Canadians, you guys love the hard stuff; you guys don’t mess around (laughs). So I feel like Canadians are open minded and they are like party people and they are down for anything, they don’t expect you to play this or that, they just want to get drunk and have fun (laughs)!


Tell us a little bit about how you see your place as a music producer, and what sets you apart.

What sets me apart is the fact that I am actually producing my music, which is awesome. I grew up writing music so I had the background and I knew the theory, and how to play many instruments. I’ve been around music my whole life. For me it’s less about sitting in front of the computer and more about coming up with random melodies. I see myself as a true musician, someone who knows music.

You have talked about your passion for house music stemming from having an open mind and your ADHD. What else inspires you and helps you through the music creation process?

To be able to write music, you need to listen to music. What inspires me is listening to other tracks. But inspiration for music can come from anything, from watching a movie, reading a book, having a conversation, etc. Music is not just about music and melodies, but also about stories. Music tells a story and that story is life, so my life definitely affects my music. Most of my songs are events from my life, my feelings – it is like therapy for me.


What was it like working with Miley Cyrus from 2012- 2013?

Yea she was a lot of fun, she’s a good chick, I love her! I didn’t get any snob from her, she was very grounded.


How did the song “Decisions” come to be?

I had just moved to LA, which was hard for me, being away from my family and my country, and all of a sudden being in Hollywood. A lot of people in Hollywood are not real friends with you. You have to sift through what’s real, and what’s not.

Tell us a little bit about the story behind your hit “Forbes”.

I bought a house in Forbes and I wrote about how I made it there (laughs)!


Do you like working with artists with a different sound, or do you find your best work comes from working with relatively similar sounds?

Working with people who have the same sound as you is boring. I like to work with people that can teach me new things; every person I work with, I learn something from. It’s almost selfish but knowledge is the greatest power and I just want to learn. So if it is sitting with someone who is super established, or with an 18 year old who has just started producing but has a different approach, you can learn from both.


Do you visit Canada very often? If so, what are some things that stand out for you about our country?

I love the French Vanilla from Tim Hortons! I love Canadians; you guys are just nice people! Also, all the chicks are on fire (laughs)!


Are you excited to be visiting Ottawa for Escapade?

I’m super excited because it’s with my label and its nice to see more of these events. It’s nice to see something that you have worked so hard for to become something. It’s super exciting and almost touching because I busted my a** for so long.


What is next for Borgore?

On June 1st I am releasing a new track that is kind of along the lines of my older tracks, like “Decisions” and I am singing again. Also this year I have been doing tons of work with Jamaica and people I have grown up listening to from Jamaica - reggae music. Throughout the whole year it was just fire releasing, there is so much good stuff right now it’s intense, it’s very exciting.


Twitter: @borgore

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