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The Ottawa Redblacks Go Red and Green

We’ll admit – recruiting some of the Ottawa Redblacks to be our December issue models didn’t sound like a promising roster for a fashion photoshoot. But, we’re glad we caught these four top players just before they left to play for the Grey Cup – and handed them the ugliest Christmas sweaters we could find.



What is your favourite food to eat during the holiday season?

Without a doubt its Sweet Potato Pie.


What do you look forward to most about the upcoming holiday season?

Spending time with my family.


What is something that you would never leave home without?

I always leave home with a positive mindset!


How would you describe
your fashion style?

I just make it all look good haha.


What do you put on when you want
to feel stylish and well-dressed?

 For me, I love the feel of being in a nice tailored suit.


After a win, is there a song that is played in the locker room every time
to celebrate?

After a win, most likely we are usually playing a song by Future.


Who gets the honours of being the locker room DJ for the Ottawa RedBlacks?

Abdul Kanneh is usually our DJ in the locker room.


What are some of your favourite places to go out and eat in Ottawa?

I would have to say Pili Pili Grill Chicken!


What are some of your
favourite movies?

 I love all the Friday movies, the movie ‘Running Scared’ and all the Rocky movies!


Do you live in Ottawa in the


I’m from Texas, and this is my first Off-season—and winter—in Ottawa. I’m excited and nervous.


What are your hobbies during

the off-season?

Training and fitness are obviously a huge part of the off-season, and probably my favorite hobby.


Christmas movie?

Gotta be A Christmas Story.


Holiday Party Drink?

EggNog, for sure.


Holiday Party Outfit?

I go with a cardigan and a pair of jeans.


Why Christmas?

Time with family and friends is everything.


Your Christmas list?

A new lens for my Canon T5i would be nice!


Your Ottawa Spots?

I have a few: Yalla Yalla Bakery, Fatboys BBQ, Jack Astor’s, Ten Sushi, and Crust & Crate.







Do you live in Ottawa in the


I live in Tampa, Florida. That’s my hometown. Besides my family and friends, I miss the white sandy beaches the most.


What are your hobbies during
the off-season?

I usually take trip to Costa Rica after the season. I love surfing! I hit the water once or twice a day if the tide allows it.


Christmas movie?

I watch Elf and the The Grinch every year. Flip a coin—that’s my favorite.


Holiday party drink?

Eggnog. If it’s Christmas, I have to have one.


Holiday Party Outfit?

Definitely the Christmas sweater…


Why Christmas?

Just the Christmas spirit! Everyone really takes the time to think about the people around them and do something special for those people. It’s great to see that happening all around you.


Worst gift you’ve ever received?

When I was young, my dad gave me one shoe on Christmas and the other on my Birthday, five days later…he thought he was funny.


Your Ottawa Spots?

Vittoria Trattoria or Brothers Bistro are my dinner spots. Stoneface Dolly’s is the best brunch on the weekend!


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